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Traditional Satanism
 OBEY - Naught But SELF, HONOR - Naught But SELF, DESIRE - Naught But MAGICK, NEGATE - All But TRUTH


 Traditional Satanism
The Law Is For All, Magick Is For All





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Thelemapedia, the Encyclopedia of Thelema and Magick


Traditional Satanism, Thelema, Hermetics & Magick

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Traditional Satanism is the basis of our teachings and practice.  Why Traditional Satanism?  Well, Traditional Satanism as opposed to Modern Satanism focuses on the individual conciousmess rather than following the strict teachings of man. Traditional Satanism is all about the freeing of man's spirit .  For man to be what he is truly destined to be.  Free from a God of oppression. Traditional Satanism represents a symbolic way to achieve unty with oneself and the universe. We believe silence breaks the heart of every magician and without others he would only ever compare with his own existence and that would be a very narrow minded comparision indeed. More >>>

We adhere to Traditional Black Magick Rejecting the so called doctrines of Modern Satanism prefering to use traditional Qlippothic names for invocation. These demonic names have been carefully researched from ancient texts and sources, quoted wherever possible.  This lodge exists for the furtherance of the magickal current and refuses any association other organisations who do not accord with our philosophies.

We cannot ignore the writings of Aleister Crowley father of modern magick. In the confusion of differing views we still continue his legacy. And HP Lovecraft founder of true horror, creator of the Cthulhu Mythos Part of modern magick the mythos forms its own magickal system. While Traditional Satanism is the lodge's main focus, the study of ancient grimoires and use of Goetic Evocation forms its teachings.We attain to the knowledge of evil in order to understand balance. Many ask why we use the name of Satan with all its connotations. Satan as either the adversary or the light of self is often misunderstood as a deity. More >>>

Traditional Satanism


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Dark Hypnosis

What we're reading...

This phenomenal work possesses the very real possibility of being hailed as one of the most profound underground books on the magical arts ever written.
Never before has the occult nature of society, the Root Social Matrix, been discussed. In addition, the paradigm-shattering claim is made that this book contains the foundational framework underlying a thorough comprehension of the means by which the very fabric of reality can be manipulated through simple artistic techniques based on memetic symbology.
The ancient wisdom of the pagan sorcerers is combined with modern scientific social theory by a cultural anthropologist, resulting in a new age of magic where reality itself becomes mutable.

Memes are modern thoughtforms. This is a new twist on an old magickal theme. I use the phrase thoughform and people ask me what it means, its been lost to most and transposed as the meme. A thoughtform is an idea that grows on the astral. Its an entity fuelled by many, coallescing into a living being examples being Gandalf, Jesus, Satan. Any discarnate entity created by thought which is worshipped or conversly hated is a thoughtform. The meme is so similar to this. Memetics is the art of memes in a magickal context, sigilisation in an urban setting. The idea that the city can be a shrine as much as any wooded copse. Its made for our times and an ever increasing generation that have not seen nor can relate to nature in the raw. As Above So Below.
A couple of years ago I performed some experimental astral work with Fr. Nox. Listening to Black Metal music we projected into a very industrial plane. I realised this harsh urban grind is in my heart. Brick walls, pavements, metal fire escapes, glass, smoke and filth. The prettiness of the astral I saw when I was a teenager gone.
Sigils scratched into plaster and stone. An ordinary man beckoning me to see more. The ordinary manifest in the extraordinary. I don't mean to sound irreverant but so many magicians are now struggling with the Goetia that it seems to have passed its use by date.
Memetics is an evolutionary crawl from old style Hermetics moving on Quantum Mechanics and most certainly favoured for Chaos workings. Perhaps the most notable creator of the Magickal Meme was HP Lovecraft, I refer of course to the Necronomicon based in fiction but as real as the Key of Solomon in an evokory context.

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Welcome to Thelema Coast to Coast

The podcast dedicated to the exploration of Thelema,
Aleister Crowley, the New Aeon, ceremonial
magick, and the occult.

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 Thelema Coast To Coast Podcast


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